How to make money with swagbucks
Can you really earn money by browsing the web and taking online surveys? If you sign up to Swagbucks you can earn points and redeem them for money.

Swagbucks is one of the most popular online survey and rewards program sites. They are receiving a lot of attention, but is it worth spending your time searching the internet and taking surveys?

If you are thinking about joining Swagbucks, take a moment to learn more about it before giving all your free time to this rewards site.

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What Is Swagbucks and How Do You Get Started?

What is Swagbucks? Swagbucks is an online loyalty rewards program. Users earn points for many of the web activities that they already perform, such as shopping, watching videos, and searching the internet.

The site also presents users with online surveys and special offers.

After joining the site, users start earning points for completing these various activities. The points can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash back from PayPal.

There is no catch. You simply earn points for using the internet. However, before you devote your time to searching the web and taking surveys, you should learn more about Swagbucks and how it works.

The Basics of How Swagbucks Works

How does Swagbucks work? Users need to create an account to start earning SB (Swagbucks) points.

You do not need to provide any financial information when signing up. You just need to enter your email address and create a password. Swagbucks also allows you to sign up with Facebook.

After you sign up, you can instantly start earning SB points. These points are earned through various activities, but the primary methods involve searching the web.

Swagbucks has its own search bar called Swagbucks Search. You install the toolbar in your web browser and perform searches to earn points.

Yahoo powers the search engine, which some users may not like. While Google has become the preferred search engine, Yahoo still provides reliable search results.

Besides searching the web, you can earn points for taking online surveys, shopping, and taking polls. These activities are offered through the website or mobile app.

You typically get one or two SB points for each activity. You also earn one SB point for every dollar that you spend at participating online retailers, such as Walmart or Macy’s.

After you earn enough points, you can redeem your points for money. That covers the basics of Swagbucks. The concept is simple. You earn points and then redeem them.

What Do You Get With Your SB Points?

Paid online surveys

When you earn enough SB points, you can redeem them for gift cards. Every 100 SB points earn you a $1 gift card to a retailer. Walmart, Amazon, and other popular retailers are available.

Instead of gift cards, you can receive a payout through PayPal. However, they have a minimum payout. You need 2500 SB points to get $25. The PayPal transfer may also take a day to appear in your account.

If you visit the Swagbucks website each day, you may also find the occasional sale on various rewards.

Swagbucks also provides several special offers, such as 12% off the first $25 Amazon gift card that you claim each month. Instead of 2500 SB points, you just need 2200 SB points.

How Much Money Can You Make with Swagbucks?

After you learn how to use Swagbucks, you may want to know how much money you can make. The truth is that you may not make a lot.

Here is a closer look at the ways to make money with Swagbucks:

  • Shopping online
  • Answering surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Taking polls
  • Discovering offers
  • Searching the web
  • Playing games

The amount of points that you earn varies. With some activities, you earn one or two SB points. Other activities earn you two to three points. Explore each point-earning method in detail below.

Shopping Online

You can earn one SB point for every dollar spent when you shop through the Swagbucks shopping portal. To earn points, you need to visit the Swagbucks website and sign into your account.

After signing in, visit the portal to browse the list of participating retailers.

Swagbucks claims that you can earn cash back while shopping at over 1500 different retailers. Some of the biggest companies participate, including Target, Walmart, and Amazon. This is a simple way to earn points while doing something that you already do.

Answering Surveys

Online surveys are becoming a popular way to earn money. There are dozens of sites that provide these surveys, including Swagbucks. However, Swagbucks gives you a variety of ways to earn.

The surveys provide another easy way to earn a few points. Each survey typically only takes a few minutes to complete and you can take as many as you want.

However, there is a small catch. The surveys are offered through third-party websites and there are no guarantees that your participation will be needed.

While filling out a survey, you may find out that you are not qualified. Some users have reported that they only end up qualifying for about 10% of the surveys that they start. You may end up wasting time without earning any points.

Keep in mind that you are likely to run into this same issue when completing surveys on any other online survey site.

Watching Videos

Swagbucks has a collection of videos sorted into playlists. You can earn SB points for watching these playlists. Unfortunately, most of the content is short video clips and movie trailers. After a few minutes of watching these videos, you are likely to get a little bored.

Some users leave the videos playing while they perform other activities, which is an option. However, you only earn a limited amount of SB points and playing videos using bandwidth on your internet connection.

Swagbucks Review

Taking Polls

Each day, Swagbucks puts out a new poll. You can earn one SB point for taking the poll. It is a simple and quick way to get another point without really doing anything.

Discovering Offers

There is a section on the Swagbucks website that presents various offers from popular brands and retailers. You earn SB points when you check out the offers and sign up for new services.

It is not the best way to earn points, but you may discover a few good deals and get some free points.

Playing Games

Swagbucks has partnered with the GSN website, which is part of the Game Show Network. The GSN website includes dozens of casino games, such as slots and online poker. You can earn points for in-game purchases that you make.

Swagbucks also has their own collection of original games. If you play these games, you may randomly earn SB points, but there are no guaranteed earnings.

Searching the Web

Searching the web is one of the primary ways to earn SB points. You need to use the toolbar to perform the searches, which is a little inconvenient if you prefer to use Google or Bing.

The amount that you earn also varies and you may not earn anything when performing some searches.

Daily Bonuses

If you earn lots of SB points, you may get a bonus. The bonus varies and is given to users that earn the most points throughout the day.

That covers most of the ways that you earn SB points. Besides these options, you also earn points when you first sign up and when you refer a friend.

Is Swagbucks Legitimate?

Swagbucks pays you for completing actions online. There is no scam involved in this process. In fact, Swagbucks does not need access to your bank account. You can either redeem your points for gift cards or get paid on PayPal.

There are no hidden fees or special restrictions that will cause you to forfeit your SB points. It is a completely safe, legal, and free way to earn some pocket money.

Advantages of Swagbucks

Why should you think about joining Swagbucks? Compared to other rewards sites or online survey sites, Swagbucks offers the following benefits:

  • Legitimate US-based company
  • Large online community
  • Variety of ways to earn points
  • Get paid for doing things you already do
  • Convenient website and mobile app

Swagbucks is a legitimate website, owned and managed by a real company. Prodege is a US-based company in El Segundo, California. They currently have an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and managed several different rewards sites.

Swagbucks also has a large online community of users. If you visit the Reddit Swagbucks subreddit, you can receive tips and recommendations from more experienced users.

You can also post any questions that you have and receive a fast response from another member.

With Swagbucks, you get several different options for earning points. There are many other sites available that simply offer online surveys.

You can only take a limited number of surveys before you get too bored to continue. When you use Swagbucks, you can perform a different activity when you get tired of surveys. Instead of taking a survey, you can watch a video or play a game.

Many of the activities are things that you may already do. For example, searching the internet is something that most people do several times per day.

If you remember to perform all your searches using the Swagbucks Search Toolbar, you can ensure that you earn a little bit each day.

Swagbucks also makes it easy to earn, as you can visit the website or download the mobile app. All the features of the website are available through the app, including the videos and shopping portal.

Disadvantages of Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a legitimate site that pays you to use the internet. It is not a scam and there are no major drawbacks.

Keep in mind that the payouts are small. You need to put in a lot of time to earn SB points. Most users may only earn a dozen or so points per day. However, if you want to waste several hours of your time each day, you can earn more.

Another drawback is that you may not qualify for every survey that you try to take. When you first join Swagbucks, you complete a profile survey that helps the website find suitable surveys from third-party websites.

When you take an online survey, you visit the third-party website. If you do not meet their qualifications, you get sent back to the Swagbucks website without earning an SB point. Some users find that they rarely qualify for online surveys while others qualify for most surveys.

You may also find yourself getting bored of trying to earn SB points. It is easy to get bored when performing the same activities each day.

The video selection, daily poll, and internet searches can get repetitive. After the novelty of earning points wears off, you may find yourself using Swagbucks less frequently.

The final drawback is that you may need to wait a while to receive your gift card. The company claims to deliver gift cards via email within 10 to 14 days.

Some users have reported getting their gift cards in just seven days. No matter if it takes one or two weeks, this is still a long time to wait for a small gift card.

Make Extra Money with Swagbucks

Tips for Earning More Money through Swagbucks

If you want to know how to earn Swagbucks fast, you first need to understand that earning SB points requires a time commitment. You need 100 SB points to earn a $1 gift card. If you plan to get paid cash through PayPal, you need to earn 2500 SB points to get $25.

When you are only earning a few SB points per hour, it may take weeks before you earn $25.

Luckily, there are several methods for increasing your earnings. You should start by using the internet search toolbar.

Install the toolbar and use it for all your searches. You can also use the search bar instead of typing in the addresses of the sites that you regularly visit. Making a habit out of using Swagbucks Search should help you maximize your daily earnings.

You need to check the Swagbucks website each day for special offers, the daily craves, and a daily poll. Take advantage of these simple ways to earn a few extra SB points each day.

If you are serious about earning SB points, you should also subscribe to the Reddit Swagbucks subreddit. Check the subreddit each day to discuss the latest earning techniques with other users. The subreddit also holds its own sweepstakes, giving you the chance to earn extra SB points.

You can also earn points for shopping online. Before you make any purchase online, visit the shopping portal on Swagbucks and find out if the retailer participates with this program. There is no reason not to earn these free points by shopping through the portal.

If you know other people that may be interested in joining Swagbucks, invite them to join. You can get up to 1000 SB points for referrals. It is another easy way to earn more points.

You should try to earn more SB points while performing other activities. For example, you may take a few surveys while watching TV or playing videos while doing your laundry.

The bottom line is that there are no shortcuts to earning SB points. If you want to earn gift cards or cash, you need to spend time performing mundane activities or by shopping online.

Who Should Consider Joining Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is best-suited for those that have free time. Before joining Swagbucks, you should consider how much you value your time, as it is easy to waste several hours on the website while only earning a few dozen SB points.

Keep in mind that most people already waste a couple of hours online each day. With Swagbucks, you can earn points while performing many of the same tasks that you planned on doing.

If you enjoy surfing the web, watching random video clips, and taking surveys, Swagbucks is the perfect website for you.

If you want to explore the site for yourself, you should sign up and start earning points. Test the site and the various methods for earning SB points, but pay attention to the amount of time that you spend on the Swagbucks website.

You have nothing to lose by joining, other than your time. It is free to join and easy.

Conclusion – Should You Start Using Swagbucks?

There are dozens of websites that offer online surveys for money. These sites typically offer a small payout after you have completed a specific number of surveys. They also sometimes limit the number of surveys that you can take each day.

With Swagbucks, you have an endless supply of surveys. You also have additional ways to make money with Swagbucks. Besides surveys, you earn SB points for taking polls, watching videos, and searching the internet.

Swagbucks is a legitimate website. You get paid for your time. Unfortunately, your time is not worth a lot. While Swagbucks is one of the best survey sites, do not expect to earn a significant amount of money.

In the end, Swagbucks is a simple time killer that may help you make a few extra dollars each week.

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