How to Become a Six Figure EarnerMaking a 6-figure income is easier than it used to be just because there are more mainstream jobs that have a 6-figure annual income.

But not everyone wants to punch a time clock or work in a corporate environment.

If your dream is to have a 6-figure income and not be part of the corporate world, it will require a particulate mindset that will keep you focused on doing what it takes to succeed.

If you choose to go down the path of entrepreneurship, there are certain habits you will need to be able to stay motivated and keep moving forward even when things aren’t going as planned.

As long as you are healthy, you should be able to power through almost anything as long as you stay the course.

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Your own personal growth will be a big part of your journey to creating a 6-figure income as well as developing these 6 habits that will propel you into the world of the highly productive individual with a single goal.

What Does it Take to Become a 6 Figure Earner?

Here are 6 characteristics that you will find in most successful individuals that have created a 6-figure annual income. If you can develop these habits, you will be right there along with them.

1. Laser Focus

Absolute clarity is the holy grail when it comes to building a business that will create a 6-figure income.

It is the ultimate in secret weapons. If you want to see results, you need to be absolutely clear on what you want and who you are. Motivation with come with this clarity.

Take absolute clarity one step further and make minimalism in your life a priority.

Minimalism eliminates the clutter and noise that distracts us from staying focused on what we are working towards.

Become obsessed with the small number of things that can move your life (or business) forward.

2. High Level of Self-Confidence

Increase Your Confidence Level

This is a tough one, but it needs done to take your income to the next level. You must believe you can sell, create and innovate.

Confidence in your ability is imperative to success. You have to understand that going after something big means there will be challenges to overcome along the way.

They will test you but being able to power through them will give you that much more strength to achieve your goals.

Nothing is guaranteed. Your most valuable tool is your belief in yourself. Having faith, you can weather the rough times will be key in getting to six figures.

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3. Surrounding Yourself with Winners

You are who you surround yourself with. It is that simple. We talk about kids “getting in with a bad crowd” and having to change people, places and things to change our life.

Shifting your circle of influence is no different. Being around negativity breeds negativity.

Conversely, being around successful people that have a positive outlook on things will make you feel the same way.

Nothing gets you to the top faster than surrounding yourself with the top people in your industry.

This is the reason that mastermind groups work so well. It is strong collaboration of like-minded individuals that are helping each other achieve similar goals.

6 Figure Income Earners

4. Consistent Energy and Motivation

Consistency is one of the best ways to achieve your goals. You may not have 8 hours a day to devote to creating a dream, but as long as you set aside time each day and stick to it, you will see progress.

The progress will give you continued motivation to keeping moving forward. One of the biggest stealers of energy is a poor diet and lack of exercise.

Changing my eating habits was one of the first things I did to increase my energy. You cannot create more hours in a day and spending half of them feeling sluggish from eating carbs and processed foods was not getting you anywhere.

A healthy mind and body go hand in hand. They will give you a clear path to creating the life of your dreams.

5. Creating Repeatable Processes

The nice thing about staying motivated and sticking with something is you soon begin to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Once you know what works, automating the process is your next step. With only 24 hours in a day and most of it will be spent doing other things, becoming efficient and intentional with each task will make more time in your day.

Many successful companies practice lean processes. Pick the things that give you the biggest ROI and leave the rest behind.

6. Continuous Improvement and Growth

Continuous Improvement and Learning

This is the step where you become the best at what you do. Learn as much about your niche as possible and keep learning.

Things change and unless you are willing to keep up with the latest trends you will get stuck. Nothing is the same as it was 10 years or even 5 years ago.

The way you stay at the top is by continuous improvement.The plan is simple. It comes down to the choices we make. Are they helping you reach your goals or are they hurting your efforts?

What can you do today that can help you achieve your dreams? If your goals are big, the challenges you face will also be big. If it is easy, it may not be worth having.

Standing up to a challenge will strengthen you and increase your confidence.

Sticking with your plan for increasing your income is paramount as well as giving your plan a chance to work.

Many people start out building a side hustle and change the course midstream making it that much more difficult to reach your target.

Whether you want to start a blog, sell things, take care of pets or be a freelance designer or writer (just to name a few), find something you are get at and become motivated to be the best you can be at it and provide value.

The six-figure income will follow.

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