So, you need $1,000 and you need it quickly. Where are you going to get it? It may not be as difficult as you think. Take a deep breath How to Make 1000 Fast. Need money? Try these 17 side hustles to make money fast #sidehustles #make100aday #makemoneyand think about what you can do to put some fast cash in your pocket.

Or you can follow one or more of these suggestions to stash some extra dollars into your bank account.

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1.Sell Things

Selling household items is not only a great way to make extra dollars, it can also help you declutter your home. There many places to sell your gently used items.

Here are few of the most popular sites for posting things for sale online.


If you have textbooks, universities will often buy them back from you. Other options for selling books are Bookscouter, Textbookrush, and there are several more.

A garage sale is an easy way to get rid of items quickly. Do you have neighbors that would like to join the party? Have a multi-family or community garage sale.

Selling is a great way to make a few extra dollars each month and there are so many ways you can market your sellable items these days.

2. Supplement Your Full Time Job

Picking up extra cash outside of your fulltime job can give the extra cash you need for necessities or the extra spending money you may be trying to bank for something special.

Mowing yards, cleaning houses, washing cars, delivering pizza are just a few of the many things that you can do to make a little bit of extra money in the evening or on the weekend.

If you are able, working extra hours add a job you already have will give you extra money. In most cases, if you are over 40 hours for the week, you will be paid your hour wage times 1.5.

If the extra time is available, this is a quick way to pick up fast cash.

3. Freelance

Freelancing can be a lot of different things, but it usually refers to offering a service that someone else is willing to pay for.

There are always people looking for writers. It can be anything from a 50-word caption to a 10,000 word eBook.

If you are good at graphic design, photo editing, programming, digital marketing, translation and many more, you can find work or offer services at sites, such as;


If you have a skill, chances are, you can sell it to someone for a fee.

4. Create an Online Course

Online courses can generate a lot of money quickly and they do not have to be lengthy or complicated. I have seen courses sell for a $1 a page. If you can sell 50 copies of a course for $20, there is your $1,000.

Find something you are good and at create and ebook, an email series or a video series that teaches someone else how to duplicate your process. These are some good sites for marketing online courses:


5. Start a Blog

Starting a blog today, will not make you a $1,000 next week. However, the potential to make big money is there if you stick with it.

An email list can also make you a large amount of money in a day if you work to provide value to a targeted audience.

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6. Become a VA

Virtual Assistants offer “virtual” services that others are willing to pay for. Many of the tasks performed by VAs are small and repetitive. Individuals who have online business often have a VA to do these tasks for them, so they can focus on doing other things.

VAs may do anything from data entry to online research and many other tasks. If you have an online skill-set, being a VA can be very lucrative. Here are some resources for finding VA work:


7. Build Simple Websites

With the emergence of software like WordPress, you can literally have a 5-page website live in a matter of minutes.

You can offer services to local businesses that do not have a website or have websites that needs updating. You can also build a 5-page site and sell it for $100 to someone who is just getting started online.

Web service can be as simple or detailed as your skill set. Elegant Themes and Thrive Themes give you the resources to create a wide variety of websites types.

You can also put basic websites up for sale. Websites can also be created, an grown to create a small monthly income and flipped for 8 – 10 times the sites monthly income.

8. Use Apps to Make Money

Make Money with Apps

Got a cell phone? I know you do…you can put it to work for you. Not only can you make extra money, but you can earn many other cool things like gift cards, airline miles and magazine subscriptions.

Get out your phone, download an app and start earning rewards. Here are few apps that are available where you can earn some extra cash.

Slidejoy – If you don’t mind having ads on your phone and you have an Android device, you can earn $5 to $15 a month for checking out ads.

iPoll – This app allows you to complete surveys from your phone. Down the app, tell it a little bit about yourself and receive targeted surveys. You will receive a payout when your account has accumulated $35.

Surveys on the GO – This is another survey app. Surveys average about $1 per survey. You can take a payout via PayPal when your account reaches $10.

Clashot – Got a cell phone? Of course, you do. Put it to work by taking pictures. Get paid for taking photos of art, cities, food and more with your smartphone and selling them to depositphotos. You are paid 50 cents to $80 and royalties for each sale.

Ipsos –  You answer questions and give your opinion about any and everything. Each survey awards you points that can be redeemed for gift cards. Or, you can cash out with PayPal.

These are just a few of the apps that can used to put cash in your pocket. You may not get rich, but using the apps will get you to your $1000 target.

9. Write a Book

It is no longer necessary to have a book deal to be a published author. Whether your interests are fiction, nonfiction or informational writing, you can self publish your own book and begin collecting cash for your thoughts.

Here is a great resource for writing a book and publishing it through Kindle Direct Publishing.

10. Play Music in a Busy Area

Are you a musician? Take your show on the road and make some cash. Events that attract many people give you a ready-made audience.

Show your talents while the crowd is making their way to the event and while they are leaving the venue. People enjoy being entertained and you can reap the rewards for providing the entertainment. Got talent? Cash in on it.

11. Take Stock Photos

Do you enjoy photography? Even if you are not a professional, you can still make extra money selling pictures you have taken.

Many websites pay based on how often your work is downloaded. You are paid a percentage of the cost of each download. Some of the best sites for selling your photography are:


If taking pictures is a hobby and you enjoy it, take this side hustle and turn it into and income.

12. Drive

Got a car? Make it work for you! Uber and Lyft are companies similar to a taxi service. Riders contact you via an app.

There are insurance requirements and a background check needed, but the qualification process is not difficult.

Amazon flex is another option, if you like to drive. You pick the packages up at their distribution center and deliver them to Amazon customers. You can sign up here.

Ubereats is a third option for driving. This is a delivery service for local restaurants in the area. Interested in being driver for ubereats? Just go to and click “become a driver”.

13. Pet Sit, Babysit, Provide Eldercare

Pet Sitting Extra Money

Providing care or companionship for others can help you make extra cash and also be rewarding. The need for these services is huge.

If you are pet lover, pet sitting is a great way to make extra money. Maybe you would rather work with children or the elderly. is the go-to for these services and jobs.

Some alternatives to are:


14. Become a Food Server or Bartender

Serving food and bartending is a quick way to make extra cash. The nice thing about these 2 positions is they are usually easy to find and you can start immediately.

If you have full time employment during the daytime hours and you are looking for a side hustle, restaurant and bar jobs have evening and weekend hours.

Like talking to people? Serving is a perfect choice for you.

15. Clean/Organize

Not everyone likes to clean, and many people would rather be doing something else and that is where a where a cleaning/organizing professional can make money.

Cleaning can not only be done in people’s homes, but most businesses pay people to clean their facilities.

If you are efficient at cleaning, organizing and decluttering their will be no shortage of jobs available to you.

Organizing and cleaning jobs can be found at,, and

How to Make 1000 Fast. Need money? Try these 17 side hustles to make money fast #sidehustles #make100aday #makemoney

16. Rent Out Your Stuff

If you have a home (or a bedroom/bathroom) in a great location, consider renting it out. If you live near the beach or a theme park, you can make your home work for you.

AirBNB, VRBO and Home Away gives you the opportunity to make money from one of your biggest financial assets.

17. Complete Handyman Tasks,, Taskrabbit and Thumbtack are companies that offer individual handyman services. If you have home maintenance skills; these sites offer a lot of opportunity for finding work.

They also pay soon after the task has been completed. If you don’t see your service provided, list it and let the jobs come to you.

How to Make a $1000 Fast…

If you only want to work 40 hours to make your $1,000, you will have to find something that will pay you an average of $25 an hour. Or you can opt to work a few more hours to get to your target of $1,000.

To get to a thousand dollars in week, you may want to stack some of the suggestions from above.

Choose an option that will bring in a bulk of the money and then maybe sell some things, complete some surveys, grab a task or two to put you at your goal. Jump in and get started. You will have $1,000 before you know it!

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